@MaggieQ talks fearless new role in ‘Divergent’

@MaggieQ talks fearless new role in ‘Divergent’

Leaping on to moving trains and jumping off buildings isn’t something most people would rush to do, but then again, Maggie Q isn’t most people. “I dive with sharks. … I think it’s really fun to explore that reckless side of yourself and have that glorified by everyone around you. Who doesn’t want to experience that on some level?” she tells us.
It’s no wonder she was right at home playing Tori in the new dystopian movie “Divergent” (out March 21). Based on the best-selling book by Veronica Roth and the first in a trilogy, “Divergent” is about a society divided into five factions, each heralding a specific virtue: knowledge, peace, honesty, selflessness, and bravery. Maggie Q’s character Tori is of course one of the brave, a faction that participates in the aforementioned leaping onto moving trains and jumping off buildings.

Tori is the first to realize Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) is “divergent,” someone who won’t fit in anywhere. “We had an instant chemistry the first time we read together, which is why I got the role,” Maggie Q says of Woodley. “I love her. We feel like we were separated at birth. I look so forward to watching her grow in this business. She’s a true talent and seeing her flourish is going to be really great.”

Maggie Q doesn’t think it will be just teens who will relate to the movie. “It has so many real life lessons,” she says. “The overarching theme is how the choices we make affect the rest of our lives. In the movie, it’s an overt choice when you’re 16, but the truth is, our choices every day are always going to set us on a path and they affect those around us who we love as well.”

Of course every big blockbuster needs a heartthrob and “Divergent” found its in actor Theo James, who plays a fellow member of the bravest tribe, alongside Maggie Q. “When I saw him on screen in the movie, my stomach was just doing flip-flips because I was so excited. He’s about to be the biggest heartthrob in the world and I’m just so proud of Theo,” she says.

Maggie Q is signed on for all three movies and committing was yet another thing she did without fear. “It’s every actor’s dream,” she says of being tied to a project for so long. “It’s the best problem to have ever.” Instead, she was more concerned with her character than the timeline of the project. “For me, I [asked myself], do I like this character? Do I think I can bring something to her that no one else can? Does she have a journey in this whole series? And I felt that all those things were positive.” It serves as a reminder that this movie is only the beginning.

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