‘Divergent’ actress @MaggieQ on her favorite movies of 2013

Her and The Act of Killing may have both been nominated for Academy Awards this year, but that isn’t enough forDivergent actress Maggie Q: She thinks they deserved even more acclaim. The Nikita star gave us her picks for favorite movies of 2013 she thinks should have been more popular:

Fruitvale Station
“I’m surprised that the acting in this film wasn’t more celebrated. It was a small film but very powerful. It’s annoying that a comedy like That Awkward Moment, which stars Michael B. Jordan, that is more heavily publicized can trump a performance by him in Fruitvale Station that was so wonderful.”

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
“I don’t know why this film didn’t get more love! It was so timely and Idris Elba was amazing in it and the film was so well made. It seems that people aren’t interested in biopics anymore. People should really appreciate and honor this particular performance.”

“This film was great. It really deserved the Best Original Screenplay it received. I thought as a movie that it touched on a real reality that is coming and that is really brave. Spike Jonze made a brave decision with this one.”

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Forest Whitaker in The Butler
“Forest Whitaker was really wonderful in this film and I wish he would have gotten more love in this role. He set a standard for himself that is through the roof, like his role in The Last King of Scotland, but his performance in The Butler is absolutely astounding and should be appreciated as well.”

The Act of Killing
“Conceptually, you would never think you would watch this documentary and be so touched. It’s a terrifying and touching film. The point of a documentary is to make bold statements about things that happen in history and this documentary really delivered that for me.”



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