‘Divergent’ Star Maggie Q Explains First Tattoo, Reveals Next Tattoo

Characters in her upcoming action-adventure film are defined by tattoos, so Maggie reveals all about her own ink on ‘Top 20 Countdown’


In the world of the upcoming action-adventure trilogy Divergent, characters are defined by their tattoos. Actress Maggie Q, who plays Tori in the film, stopped by Top 20 Countdown and gave host Esteban Serrano the stories behind her own body art.

Maggie reveals her first tattoo, a giant phoenix, was a „go big or go home“ type of statement, but admits she had second thoughts once the pain hit during the 5 to 6-hour tattoo session.

Maggie’s next tattoo? With all her sisters heading to L.A. for the Divergent premiere, she already has plans for her family to get something together, that she designed herself!




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