Meet the cast of WGN America’s „Salem“



By, Heather Warner

The countdown is on for WGN America’s first original dramatic series!  „Salem“ is about to take you inside the most notorious witch trials of the 17th century.  The production of the Tribune-backed drama takes place in Shreveport, Louisiana. That’s where journalists from around the country gathered two weeks ago, to get a look inside this expansive production. Together, we met the cast and crew, and toured the incredible indoor and outdoor set. We also met the costume and set designers who paid close attention to the details of 17th century Massachusetts.

The drama is based largely on the historical events of the past, and includes many real characters  from that volatile time period.

“Salem” stars Janet Montgomery (“Human Target, “Made in Jersey”) as Mary Sibley, Shane West (“Nikita,” ER”) as John Alden, Seth Gabell (“Fringe”) as Cotton Mather, Xander Berkeley (“Nikita,” “The Mentalist”) as Magistrate Hale, Ashley Madekwe…

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