WGN’s ‘Salem’ Debut Surges In Live+3 Results


WGN America‘s first foray into original scripted series has found even more solid footing now that Live+3 viewing stats are out. The 17th century-set Salem has scared up even more impressive numbers from its April 20 premiere with a 41% jump from its already strong Live+SD results to 2.145 million total viewers. The 10 PM witchy series from Fox21 and creators Brannon Braga and Adam Simon saw an even bigger leap among adults 18-49 with a 56% rise, from 647,000 in the key demo to 1.008 million. What makes that all the more remarkable and a testament to the power of DVRing nowadays is that with a limited reach of only 62.3% of the U.S. (72 million homes), WGN is a single-feed cable network. That means the 10 PM Salem premiere last Sunday aired at 7 PM on the West Coast. Or to throw another number at you – the Live+3 key demo results are a 996% increase of WGN’s 18-49 time slot season-to-date average. With these new DVR numbers in, the Salem debut was also WGN’s best key demographic result in almost 11 years when Santa Claus: The Movie pulled in 1.116 million Adults 18-49 0n December 10, 2003. Its also the best total viewership result for the cabler since December 5, 2001 when a broadcast of Sister Act 2 got 2.2 million viewers. Over all its 4 plays on April 20, Salem saw a 36% rise to 3.1 million total viewers in Live+3 and a 51% rise among Adults 18-49 to 1.3 million.



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