Salem’s Shane West: 5 Things to Know About The WGN Star




WGN America sure knows how to grab our attention! While casting their first-ever original series,Salem, the network re-imagined the town’s real-life resident, John Alden, Jr., as a young, studly man, played by Nikita hottie Shane West.

Some of you have been superfans of this 35-year-old since the early aughts — but in case you’re just now noticing this dreamboat, read on for five quick facts about him.

1. His First Girlfriend Was Rachael Leigh CookShane was kind of a romantic late-bloomer — but he made up for lost time. At 19, his first girlfriend was the She’s All That and Psych cutie. He would later go on to date Jenna Dewan, far before Channing Tatum put a ring on it.

Of his pre-Rachael life, Shane tellsTV Guide, „I was very hopeless. I couldn’t even speak.“

2. He’s a Big-Deal Punk Singer. After being cast to play the late singer of The Germs, Darby Crash, in the biographical filmWhat We Do Is a Secret, Shanejoined the remaining members of the band for a few reunion shows. Eventually, the seminal punk band got back together, taking Shane on as their lead singer full-time.

3. He Won Your Heart in A Walk to Remember. Shane played the male lead, Landon, opposite Mandy Moore’s Jamie in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation about a troubled teen who falls in love with a cancer-stricken classmate.

4. He’s a Louisiana Native. While shooting in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area might be a change of scene for British-born leading lady Janet Montgomery, it’s a return home for Shane, who was born in the capital city.

5. Shane West Is a Stage Name. Shane was born Shannon Bruce Snaith. We get that he wanted a snappy stage name, but we’re kind of into Snaith!


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