36 reasons why we LOVE Shane West


1 Because is amazing

2 Because is adorable

3 Because is talented

4 Because we love him as a romantic Landon Carter

5 Because is romantic

6 Because is kind

7 Because won as Michael Bishop

8 Because we love his tattoos

9 Because we love his songs

10 Because is hot

11 Because we love him in uniform

12 Because we love his bangs

13 Because the most beautiful witch hunter

14 Because he loves his fans

15 Because we are dolls

16 Because is our Captain

17 Because Saint Beannie

18 Because it has the perfect eyes

19 Because he love animals

20 Because we love Mikita

21 Because it is perfect with long hair

22 Because we love his transformations

23 Because it looks great on stage

24 Because we love him shirtless

25 Because is our favorite character from romantic films

26 Because it’s the perfect villain

27 Because we love to watch the scene with a gun

28 Because we love A Walk to remember

29 Because it’s funny

30 Because has perfect smile

31 Because his favorite movie it’s romantic

32 Because we like his beard

33 Because he had the perfect love chemistry with Maggie Q in Nikita

34 Because Shane West Sunday

35 Because eagerly waiting for each new episode of Salem

36 Because waiting a sunday to read the new pages of The Big Bad Wolf


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