Happy Birthday Shane West !!!

Shane West Lovers Serbia


Dear Shane,
you’re awesome ♥ I’m so glad to once again have the opportunity to look at a new project, Salem, great TV show. Know that I love a lot and that we will always be here for you. Kisses. Love you!

Snježa (@YNWA_Nole) from Banja Luka




Happy B-day Shane. I wish you all the best
Serbia, Pancevo

–  MimicaMimi


„Dear Shane, wish you happiness to the Sun and back. Wish you success to the Stars and back. Wish you halth and love from all my heart! Wiish you happy birthday! Milena (@mimicamimi), Serbia

@NinaShaggie  @_OneWay22


@samrahussein ; Sweden

@HeartWestGabel ; Brasil

@Aneia3 | Portugal

Happy Birthday Shane West! As your fan I had to congratulate on this day.

I want to tell you how wonderful you are: a great actor,extremely attentive with your fans and nice to everyone.You deserve everything good…

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